Halo Coffee

Expiremental web design for a made up coffee shop.

As an avid lover of coffee, I’ve always wanted to design and own a coffee shop. Halo Coffee is a conceptual look into what a playful, futuristic coffee portal could look like. One where coffee is ordered online, and is delivered to the users home via drones. The drones are the "angels" of Halo Coffee and deliver premium hand poured coffee from "heaven" (the in house coffee shop located in Ann Arbor, MI). The logo for Halo Coffee is a raised coffee ring stain, representative of a floating halo. The rest of the brand and web design is playful and expiremental, taking advantage of coffee stains and splatters.

The site navigation is kept simple, having a home page, an order page, and an about page. To begin the ordering process, the user can either select "Start Order" from the top navigation, or be naturally lead to a start order button at the bottom of the home page. Once the user arrives on the start order page, they would be guided through an interactive experience on how they'd like their hand poured coffee, where it should be sent, and how they'll pay for it.

Once the order is submitted, the user can expect to find their coffee outside their doorstep in a matter of minutes. Not too shabby. Of course, users could also visit Halo Coffee in person, and taste the sweet, sweet nectar from heaven directly from the source. Or complain that their coffee that was delivered was simply a coffee stained paper cup with no coffee in it. 🤔

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