Glitch Motion

Expiremental Motion Design.


RealizeIII is the third/final piece of trilogy of videos that pass along the message of realizing how digitalism is taking over our lives. RealizeIII is a philosophical piece, questioning the concepts of ultimate reality, dreams, and virtual reality.


This video below showcases my skills of masking and matteing within After Effects.


The video below showcases my skills of tracking within After Effects. You can see this how my vibrant/bright futuristic glasses remain static to my eyes/face while the camera pans around me.


I build this realistic space scene entirely from scratch within After Effects. It is featured in RealizeIII, the first video on this page.

featured projects

past projects

The following projects have been completed in the past and don't necessarily showcase my current skills as a designer. However I think it's interesting to see my progress, so I keep them around.