Kinetic Branding Identity System


EL2030 is a developed kinetic branding identity system for the East Lansing 2030: Collegeville Re-Envisioned exhibition that occurred at MSU Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum. The exhibit will bring landscape architects and designers together to envision the future of urban planning within East Lansing. The kinetic system is meant to work across multiple platforms seamlessly in order to create a unique brand identity. The system was applied to a poster, invitation, and website design. Below you can see all of the elements of the kintetic brand coming together as one whole.


The project began by doing a brief landscape analysis of other popular kinetic brand systems and then moving on to a process of morphological thinking, focusing on many options of elements that could make up my unique brand identity. I mapped out what East Lansing 2030: CollegeVille Re-Envisioned would look like in over 100 different font options, played around with tons of different color options, and expiremented with imagery combination and collage. Throughout the process, I continued to develop the system with a futuristic, edgy, and expiremental approach, trying my best to represent what graphic style may look like in the year 2030. My final solutions, are meant to represent a sort of disrupted utopia, as I use healthy green color variations to represent growth and thriving civilization, and glitchy, edgy, and disrupted imagery to represent future graphic trends. You can see the general progression of my process below.


The kinetic system was first applied to a 16inx30in poster. The dimensions of the poster were chosen to work with the concepts futuristic, edgy and expiremental graphic communication. Through the poster, I wanted to create a thriving, active piece that could easily catch the eye. I focused immensely on Hierarchy in order to guide the user through the piece, feeding them information in an easy to consume fashion. I also pushed for a great sense of depth within the poster, in order to engage the user visually.

Web & Interactive.

The kinetic system was then very easy to apply to new formats, including web and interactive environments. Below you can see how the website for EL2030 would look like with the applied kinetic brand system and across multiple screen sizes.

Visual Animation.

The future of graphic style will not be static, and so I wanted to create a motion visual concept of the website, in order to show it's dynamism.

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The following projects have been completed in the past and don't necessarily showcase my current skills as a designer. However I think it's interesting to see my progress, so I keep them around.