iOS App Concept
A Paddling Trip Tracker

Lune is a conceptual iOS app for exploring and logging popular paddling routes. Similar to apps that allow you to explore local hiking trails, I wanted to visualize what that experience could look like for paddling trips. With Lune, you can easily find, record paddling stats, and keep track of all the paddling trips you’ve completed. Now paddlers finally have a way to find and paddle popular trips nearby.

Lune features three views to find, record and log paddling trips; Explore, Paddle, and Journal. Each view has a designated icon in the bottom navigation. The Explore view acts as the landing, offering you a way to quickly dive into the most popular, local paddling trips. The Paddle view provides you with tools to simply start recording a trip, or to create and plan your own route ahead of time. And finally, the Journal view keeps track of all of your paddling activity like stats, completed trips, and any trips you’ve saved for later.


The Explore view allows you to browse and discover paddling trips nearby. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, a search bar and filtering tools are offered at the top of the page, allowing you to quickly narrow down the results. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, curated sections are displayed featuring rows of Trip Cards. Scroll down to reveal more sections, and swipe through each section to reveal more trips. Each Trip Card shows the trips expertise level, it’s rating, and how long it is. A bookmark icon is available here to save each trip for later as needed.

The Explore view also offers a way to view nearby trips visually on a map. Selecting the map icon next to the search bar will take you there. Trips are indicated by points on the map. Any trip that appears on the map will also display within a drawer at the bottom as a Trip Card. Selecting a trip on the map will highlight the card in the bottom drawer, and vice versa. This drawer can be swiped away to reveal more of the map as well.

Explore - Search

Upon selecting the search bar from the Explore view, you're greeted with a search panel and can begin typing your search. A list of recent searches, and popular trips or destinations nearby are also offered. Once you begin typing, results begin to display, and options to filter the results by trips or places, and a way to see the results on a map are also available.

Single Trip

Tapping on a Trip card will take you to the Single Trip view, showing an overview of the trip you’ve selected. Here you can view photos, the map, trip details and trip reviews. Scrolling down reveals more details about the trip, including information on what to expect, where to park, what to pack, etc. Tabs to switch between details and reviews is available to get you the information you may want to see sooner and to eliminate unnecessary scrolling. At any point on the Single Trip view, you have several action buttons along the bottom. From left to right, these are start recording, download the trip map, navigate to the trip, bookmark the trip, and mark the trip as completed. The option to add a review for the trip can be found within the Reviews tab, or from the modal that appears after marking the trip as complete.

Paddle & Trip Recording

Selecting the record button from the main Paddle page, or from within a Single Trip view will take you to the Trip Recording view. Like GPS navigation, this view highlights the path ahead, indicates points of interest, shows trip statistics, and offers ways to add your own photos or points of interest. Selecting a point of interest on the map will show further information, allowing you to mentally prepare for that grueling portage ahead, or know how much longer until you can rest at camp tonight. Swipe down from the top to get a quick overview of the current trip you’re on, and see where how far you’ve come with the trip’s map overview.

Select the Add Marker icon on the Trip Recording view to place a marker where you’re at and contribute to the trip’s details. The Add Marker Panel will allow you to pinpoint the marker exactly, select a marker type, add a description and add any photos. Then, once you’ve finished a trip, tap the recording button to bring up the Finish Trip panel. Here you’ll see an overview of your trip and a button to finish it for good. This will mark the trip complete, and allow you to add 5 star review or add any photos you took along the way.


The Journal view provides you a way to view everything you’ve logged while using Lune. View your paddling stats along with trips made, trips completed, bookmarks, reviews, and any markers or photos you’ve added along the way. Scroll down within the journal view to see a timeline of all your activity in a card based format. This is a great way to view your full paddling journey from start to finish. Within the Journal view, a Profile view is also available to adjust various settings and preferences as well.


Wireframes were developed at the start of conceptualizing Lune. Screens for the main views can be seen below.

On my own paddling journeys, the fondest memory I have is within the Canadian wilderness watching the crescent moon glimmering off the lake in front of me, as I listened to the Loons make their calls for hours on end. So, the name 'Lune' for this project comes from the name of the aquatic bird native to North America, the Loon. And well, also the more literal term Lune - the concave region of two intersecting circles. The word Lune derives from the latin word 'Luna' meaning moon.


past work.

The following projects have been completed in the past and don't necessarily showcase my current skills as a designer. However I think it's interesting to see my progress, so I keep them around.